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Roval Rapide Handlebar

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Wind is the ultimate cruelty, and nowhere is it more keenly met than at the leading edge of your bike. Want to save an easy 20 seconds over 40 kilometers? Get a set of Rapide handlebars. Leveraging our countless hours of Win Tunnel testing, we designed the Rapide bar to cut through the wind with knife-edge efficiency, and at the same time, provide the utmost comfort while hammering at the front. A textured surface on the tops ensures secure and comfortable grip, even when wet; there's a recessed step that sets the bar wrap flush with the tops; the airfoil is offset forward to offer greater forearm and knee clearance; and, at 225 grams, the Rapide is the lightest aero bar in its class. Aerodynamic performance without compromise. This is the leading edge.

- Aerodynamically engineered to save 20+ seconds over 40km vs. a round bar
- Optimized blend of high modulus carbon fiber materials yields lightest-in-class aero bar at
225g (size 42cm)
- Innovative features, like textured tops and a smooth bar tape step, enhance your
- Bend: 125mm drop x 75mm reach